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Allahabad HC takes suo moto cognizance of noise pollution caused by modified bikes

Allahabad HC| Mehak Kaushik | Social Thikana

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday took suo motu cognizance of noise pollution caused by modified bikes, especially bullet bikes. Justice Abdul Moin made observations with reference to the silencers of two-wheelers, especially bullets and other new era two-wheelers, which speed through the streets of the state. The judge stated that vehicle-riders have modified the noise mufflers or silencers of their bikes so much that a vehicle being driven hundreds of meters away can be heard. This causes immense discomfort to the old and ill, as well as young children and others who may require silence. Since the authorities have not looked into the matter, it is for the court to take notice of noise pollution being caused by vehicles. Thus, the court took notice of the aforesaid noise pollution.

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