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Entry tax on Vijay’s Rolls Royce: Madras HC imposes Rs. 1 Lakh/-

Madras HC| Treesa Sunil | Social Thikana

This is in furtherance of a writ petition filed by the actor in 2012, under Article 226 to stop the taxing authorities from collecting entry tax on his imported Rolls Royce Ghost car from London. The petition was dismissed by Justice S.M.SUBRAMANIAM,J who presided the hearing.

The case name is C Joseph Vijay v. State of Tamil Nadu and Ors. The court, in the case pointed out that despite having imported a luxury car from London and refusing to pay entry tax, the petitioner did not even mention his profession in his affidavit. The counsel for Vijay however made it clear to the court that he is a reputed cine actor.

The order mentioned that being a reputed cine actor, it s his duty to comply with the taxation laws and pay the taxes.

The system of taxation is the backbone of our Nation's Economy, which keeps Revenue consistent, manages growth in the economy and fuels its industrial activity etc. Tax is mandatory contribution and not a voluntary payment or donation, which one decides on one's own: reads the order. “These Actors are portraying themselves as champion to bring the social justice in the society. Their pictures are against corrupt activities in the society. But, they are evading tax and acting in a manner, which is not in consonance with the provisions of the Statutes.”, the order said. The court ordered Vijay to pay the Entry tax for the Rolls Royce Ghost, within a period of two weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of this order failing which the respondents were directed to initiate all further actions by following the procedures as contemplated under the Statutes for recovery of the Entry tax from the petitioner as well as the consequential liability. The court also imposed a fine of Rs.1 Lakh on Vijay which is to be paid to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Covid-19 Public Relief Fund.

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