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Court suggest Maharashtra Government to be aware of offences against medical negligence by creating special police cell.

 A Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni said that status must make police officers aware of the existing laws and Supreme court ruling about registering offences against medical practitioners, following complaints by friends or relative of patients.

On Thursday advocate Rajesh Inamdar counsel for one of the several doctors working in COVID19 wards had been receiving notices from the police following complaints by relative of patients who were unhappy with the treatment or, in cases where patients had succumbed to the disease.

Mr Inamdar was referring to the protocol issued last year by the Maharashtra government that keeps getting revised from time to time and deals with the drugs and line of treatment that must be provided to COVID 19 patients.

The High Court had said at the time that doctors already overworked due to the pandemic must not have to face such harassment, or spend anytime giving explanations to the police. It had directed the Maharashtra Advocate Genral(AG) for assistance on the existing laws on the issue.

The court then said the police must be trained to ascertain which cases required an immediate registration of offences.

So, the Bombay High Court on Friday suggested that the Maharashtra government consider creating a special cell odf well- trained police officers to deal with registering of medical negligence.

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