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Guidelines for Speedy Justice: Karnataka HC

shubhi rathore |Prabhat Bandhulya

The Karnataka HC fixed a deadline for cessation of investigation by the police in the State for providing speedy justice. The guidelines are passed in the case of Belagavi South MLA Abhay kumar Patil (2012), where the MLA is accused of possessing assets that are not in proportion to the income of the MLA. For completing investigation in petty offences 60 days deadline has been provided and 90 days for serious/heinous offences, such time limit can be extended by the trial courts on the request of the police for sufficient cause.


  • Unnecessary delay caused by the investigating officer then the superior officer is supposed to take over the investigation.

  • Persons have influential positions which can affect the investigation in the case then the Magistrate must take some actions to keep such influence at bay.

  • It is a ‘serious misconduct’ if the investigation is not completed in the time provided by the court as it leads to delay in justice and ‘justice delayed is justice denied’

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