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Maharashtra University student moves to Bombay HC for uniform exam mode.

Sonal Bhargava | Edited by Prabhat Bandhulya 

A law student filed a petition in the Bombay High Court, asking for uniformity in examination patterns and timely results announcement by Maharashtra universities. Today, a bench of Justices Milind Jadhav and Abhay Ahuja will hear the case. Balusha Bhasal, a first-year law student, co-filed the petition with a social worker after being approached by ten other students with similar concerns about how different colleges conduct their unique tests with varying patterns and timetables, making it difficult for students. The petitioners said that the two-day break between exams lengthened the schedule and made it more difficult for students who wanted to study abroad. There was also a severe lack of consistency, as each university followed its own schedule. The petition emphasised the injustice that competing students would suffer if MCQ-based and descriptive examinations were treated equally. The petitioners asked for a uniform examination pattern as well as a uniform academic calendar pattern across the state.

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