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Petition in SC to devise a mechanism to issue certificates of ‘CastelessHindu’

Shubhi Rathore

The petition is moved by Deepak Dnyaneshwar Halwar, who is a doctor by profession and belongs to Other Backward Class, who approached the Apex Court to identify him as a ‘casteless Hindu’ ie; a Hindu who has no caste. The petitioner contends that it is his right to obtain such certificate, as he being an educated person does not need a caste to define him and it is permissible to retain ones religion and have no caste. Furthermore, the petitioner also requests the Court to give directions to the Government to come up with a system where the person can approach and obtain such certificate. The reasoning upon which the petitioner bases his petition is that, such an action would promote harmony, equality and fraternity in the society and break free from the stigma and stereotypes of society.

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