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Petition to ban WhatsApp in case of non-compliance with new IT Rules, in Kerala High Court.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Kerala High Court |  Social Thikana |  Treesa Sunil

A PIL was filed before the High Court of Kerala by one Omanakuttan KG, seeking the ban of the most widely used and considerably indispensable messaging application, WhatsApp.

The petition will be considered by the Division bench chaired by the Chief Justice of Kerala HC, on 28th June.

The petitioner seeks the ban of the app if it is not willing to comply with the new IT Rules of 2021. He points out that the app’s end-to-end encryption can be misused by the anti-nationals and indicates that if WhatsApp can comply with the European Unions Data Protection laws, it must also be compliant with Indian laws.

The petition said that the app invades the privacy of its users and that there is a likelihood of tampering of the collected data. The petition also wanted the court to disallow evidence based on the data obtained from the app.

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