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Sikkim HC upholds State Government's 'One Family One Government Job' Policy

Sonal Bhargava | Edited by Prabhat Bandhulya

The scheme of "One Family, One Government Job" was affirmed by the Sikkim High Court in the case of Henna Subbha and Ors vs State of Sikkim, declaring that it is beneficial for residents and that there is no doubt about the scheme's bona fides.

A Division Bench of Chief Justice Biswanat Somader and Minakshi Madan Rai stated that nearly 13,000 persons received jobs as a result of this scheme, which previous Chief Minister Pawan Chamling started.

Many petitions were filed in front of the Court by highly qualified but jobless young people who were opposed to the state government's "One Family, One Job" policy, which they said did not comply with any legal provisions.

Umesh Sunam, a Joint Secretary in the Government of Sikkim's Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms, and Training, filed an affidavit in response to their Petition, claiming that the scheme was launched by the former Chief Minister (CM) after he completed a tour of all 31 constituencies in the State.

The Court said - 'Thousands of citizen applications were received, but they could not be evaluated therefore the then-CM decided to hold walk-in interviews for the open positions, according to the Court".

As a result, according to the Affidavit, the then-government decided to accept only applications from people who did not have any family members working for the government, resulting in the formation of the current plan in question.

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