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Succour to the lesbian couple by the Kerala High Court

Shubhi Rathore | Edited By Prabhat Bandhulya

Adhila and Fathima who were in a relationship since 11th standard in Saudi Arabia, have been with each other for more than four years. Nevertheless, they have always faced both mental and physical abuse from their parents over their relationship as the parents wanted them to break it off. Lately, the couple moved to Chennai as they got employed in metro and took shelter at Vanaja Collective, an NGO, to save themselves from the violence caused by their parents.

Adhila filed the Habeas Corpus petition at the Kerala High Court when Fatima was taken by her parents and confined. The Court asked the respondents to make sure that Fathima appears in person for the hearing. When Fathima was present she expressed that she wanted to go with Adhila and not her parents. The HC agreed with the same and passed an order in favour of the petitioner.

(CASE: Adhila v Commissioner of Police & ors. 2022)

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