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Supreme Court in the heart of the city,Amaltas trees be planted that will cheer passers-by:Delhi HC

PANASAM AKSHARA | Delhi HC |July 28, 2022

A bench of Justice Najmi Waziri said that,'Since the Supreme Court is in the heart of the city,the forest department may consider exploring the possibility of planting Amaltas trees so when they bloom they could lend cheer to passers-by'.The court viewed that 600 meters area is in question and it is in possession of PWD,only few trees were planted there and there is scope for more.The court added since the land is notified as deemed forest,the department concerned and GNCTD will be intimated of its location.The court observed contempt plea concerning felling of trees,the court had earlier informed officers found guilt of contempt of court for violating judicial orders wished to volunteer to plant 830 trees in and around Supreme Court as well as in Mathura road and other areas.It was on basis of assurance that court to mitigate to some extent the damaged caused by contemners kept in abeyance the sentencing order.The court informed that trees would be planted that different areas and contemners would take regular care of them for 6months.Temporary fencing would be put to protect them from damage.The footpaths shall be put in order so that citizens are not deprived from using the same.An affidavit shall be filed by respondents in the matter before next date with report of plantation of remaining 300 trees the court ordered.The court ordered contemners and PWD to ensure that trees are planted in accordance with planned development which have historically lined the avenues.The Delhi High Court has asked forest department to explore the possibility of planting amaltas trees in the freed up land opposite to Supreme Court of India calling the area heart of the city.

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