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Annie Zaidi and Deepa Annapara -in conversation with Shehnaz Habib

In the beautiful Pink City,Jaipur the "greatest literary show on Earth" i.e,'Jaipur Literature Fest' is going on which is flagged off on 19th of this month and will run till 28th.

World's greatest writers,entertainers,politicians, humanitarians, business leaders and are welcomed on one dais to share their views and journey.

In today's session, the two disquatering novels were featured .The session named was "Journeys from the Margin: Deepa Annapara and Annie zaidi" were in conversation with Shahnaz Habib and shared their journey of writing process.

Annie zaidi's novel 'Prelude to a riot' is about the disturbing narratives of two families and the growth of religious intolerance whereas 'Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line' is the debut novel of Deepa Annapara which is a tale of heartbreak and tale of heartbreak.

During conversation both the novelists described the thought process behind their writups.

Annie Zaidi told about the multiple charaters of her novel and how each of them are special.She also shared her view that' the atmosphere slowly being corroded and the amity that prevailed earlier replaced by new agression'.She talked about the violence is terrifying but not as such an interesting subject to write about.The subject she penned down was the things that she experienced ,talked to people and her thought that how people react to the provocation of violence.

"Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line" is the novel whose primary narrator is a 9 year old boy who believe in himself.It is a story of 3 children who are looking for their friends.

 Deepa Anappara said, , 'I wanted to understand how children will experience the disappearance of their friends ,what they felt about what is happening in their neighborhood".Somewhere children are silent,they often do not speak up.She further told,"It is also about how do we deal with violence.How could the parents and children as well face the trauma".

Shehnaz lastly thanked both to share their beautiful experience and thought.

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