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Dholavira:-The facets of ancient wisdom

One of the largest salt desert in the world lies at India's western edge called the 'Rann of kutch' [ Gujrat ] .In around 5000 years ago,the desert experienced a beautiful lively city named Dholavira,the grandiest city of its time.

Dholavira was one of the five largest Harappan cities and was discovered in the year 1967.Years of careful digging reveals the priceless information and story about the past.

This city is known for its excellent water harnessing system and beautiful town planning.The idea of trigonometry,ratio and the calculation was involved in building the metropolis before the world even existed.

Dholavira was embraced by two seasonal rivers,the Mansar in the north and the Manhar in the south and were linked two interconnecting tanks built around the city.

Thr whole town was surrounded by reservoirs for storing more than 3 lakh 25 thousand cubic yards of water.The water were properly filtered into another reservoir and was then transferred to the well within the citadel.The well was connected to two mud chambers.One chamber was used for drinking and another for washing.This water then further let out for industrial and agriculture use.

The technique of town planning was also superb.The city was divided into three parts.

The upper town was known as the citadel where rulers might be living, as it consists of majestic mansions and was fortified with huge walls.On the western side was the Bailey,where the people who were working for the royal family lived.

The second part was middle town,where well-to-do class people might be living.The third part of the city was known as lower town which was populated by ordinary people such as farmers and potters.

Some pillars have also been excavated which have of perfectly circular bases.Heavy doors have been found with robust locking system.

Open air stadiums also have been found.It is believed that these were might be used for religious ceremony or an amphitheatre for sports and performances.

The sign of flourishing trade have also been found.The people of Dholavira were expertise in creating beads.The evidence of the trade from this city found in Mesopotamia,modern day Iraq.Shopping places in Dholavira have been marked too.

A signboard with inscriptions have been found which was unlike anything.A secret language or code yet to be deciphered.

The people of Dholavira believed life after death.In the funeral they kept the objects dear to the departed soul.

The excavations tells us the tremendous skill of the people of the past.In 21st century where there is shortage of water across the world,the people of Dholavira were having tremendous technique to harness water which must be learnt today.Without having heavy machinery they cut the base of the pillars in perfectly circular shape.They have the skill of vigorous locking system.They have the idea of unique town planning.

There are numerous unanswered questions and a civilisation waiting to be rediscovered.Even today we are learning about Dholavira,but much will remain mysterious.

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