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Horses were the petroleum of the past

In today's session of JLF 2021- 'The tale of the horse;A history of India on Horse Back'.Yashaswini Chandra in conversation with Manu S.Pillai.

Writer and Historian Yashaswini Chandra's debut book maps both the history of horses in India and its role of shaping the history.This flawless monograph presents a captivating account of how horses played a key role in influencing migration,literature,economy,wars ,art and culture as well.

The conversation started with the appreciation of the content of the book and also that it brought Mr.Pillai back to the old memories.

Chandra talked about her book that book came from a personal interest.She interacted with most of the other historians who are working on the horse mostly in the west and most of them were women who were horse lovers and they ride too.

She further told ,"It has been revealing and rewarding for me to think critically about the horse and association with humans.

In this book she has presented the horse as a thread that connects mythology,history,folklore,art as the representations and manifestations of the horses are right throughout Indian culture and society.

She described the thought and the content she poured out in the book as a historian and as an author as well.

She told that,"I wasn't very comfortable by which the horse is simply viewed as a fighting machine or a trade commodity that undermines the historical partnership between humans and horses.

Horses are now marginal and we forget how important it once was.She has written the total history about the horses in the spectacular manner.The book has covered the multiple levels of interactions between humans and horses.She has described the tale of horses,from mythology to present.For the people who are interested in history this is a must read book for them.

The Jlf is going on and will take place till 28th Feb on an exclusive virtual platform.

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