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Naxalism-A disease and its cure

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Naxalbadi,West Bengal, the year was 1967, when the seed of Naxalism was implanted .Then ,it was considered as the movement against the socio-economic differences.With the passage of time,the flame of Naxalism spread up to other surrounding states.

According to the official data,it strengthen its root in Chhattisgarh,Jharkhand,Bihar,Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra,Odisha,Madhya Pradesh,Kerala,W.Bengal and about 90 districts of U.P.

Amongst all these, Chhatisgarh is worstly affected which can be clearly observed in recent incident.Naxalites trapped our security forces and unfortunately we lost our nearly 23 brave soldiers.They were well prepared to attacknour security forces. Our forces got information about the presence of Naxal commander Hidma and after this they started search operation and got trapped.

This incident is clearly indicating that Naxalism is now no more a socio-economic movement but joined hands with terrorism and have started implanting anti-national sentiments.

Out of 28 districts of Chhatisgarh,about14 are completely Naxal affected.No doubt that most of the naxal problems are resolved with the strategies and different policies of Government of India.Our Government tried to join them into mainstream and almost we got success.In around 65% of the graph of Naxalisn is down in past 7-8 years.Still,they are showing their presence .

Various other steps can be taken.Our Police and security forces have to make mutual strategies.Law and order can be added to union list by amending schedule 7 of our constitution.It will help a lot.We can take example from Assam and their unified command.The overall head was C.M and strategies were made by including Army, Paramilitary and Intelligence agency.In Andhra Pradesh, Government modernized their police forces and the result is in front of us.Naxalism is almost eliminated .

Naxalites get benefits of inter-state boundaries.They are well aware of the fact that there is problem of coordination between Police forces and CRPF.There is problem of modernization and problem in strategies made on operational level.

There must be Unified Command.Modernising security forces ,arms and ammunition will be highly benficial.We should take Naxalism a serious issue.As we know that Naxalites are getting funds from various overseas NGO. Government should check out their funding and loopholes in our intelligence.IB should work more strategically.Government should also take action on overground workers .

Apart from all of these,our Government should focus more on Emplyment generation.Most of their grievances are genuine but we should not forget that they are also hurting our national sentiment.We should work more strategically on it.Coordination between state and centre must be enhanced.

Naxalism is spreading like a dangerous disease and its cure is necessary.

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