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The Palaces naarating their stories

The 14th Jaipur Literature Festival is going on which will run upto 28th of this month.

The session was introduced straight from the beautiful Diwan-i-khas of the iconic Amer fort.In the background the Sheeshmahal was seen clearly which has mirror glass work which was constructed by Mirza Raja Jai singh.This was also called the Jaimandir where the Raja met his special guests over here.

Today's session featured the amazing author "John zuberzycki" who has written the book The House of Jaipur.So the session named "The House of Jaipur-John Zubrzycki and Rima Hooja in conversation with Sanjoy k.Roy"

The house of jaipur has all the ingredients necessary to define a legend ,exquisite Maharanis ,handsome Maharajas on horseback ,their wealth and their homes what we call today Palaces.

John's recent book unearthed the many untold stories and old feudal lifestyles.

Where another book of an Archaeologist , Historian and Author Rima Hooja - "Maharana Pratap-The invincible warrior" throw lights on the tales of Rajputana.

The session was introduced by "The Hon.Barry O'Farell Ao, Australia's High Commissioner to India".

The question started from the just crowned erstwhile ruler of Jaipur "Padmanabh singh" about his inheritance.

John replied that no doubt he has inherited a proud tradition but at the same time he has inherited a poison jealous as well.

On the question that Their Highnesses loose the race on Padmanabha being nominated as the king Rima replied that,"1st her highness whose great grandson is now the Maharaja because she was the mother of Bhawani singh and her granddaughter is now M.P".

She told again,"Maharani no.3 Who was her niece also from Jodhpur whose Children are not in race at all and of course for the most glamorous Maharani ,"The Gayatri Devi",her only son died".

She further answered,"That Branch were not in the race of being Maharaja".

She told that the many of the tradi tions are reinventing.

According to John on the other hand, these ruling princess had multiple wives and dozens of offsprings as we have heard in many stories.So they were having many of the legitimate and illegitimate heirs.

Against the tradition,Madhav sing adopted Mor Mukut singh which was very controversial at that time.

John was asked about tge curse he has mentioned in his book.According to him there were so many curse seen that the rulers believes that if he nominate a male as next ruler he would die within 6 months.In the whole story of Jaipur,not a single male in the line lived beyond the age 50.

Rima explained precisely that from the time the rulers signed the treaties with the British East India Company the recognition of thakurs or rulers were made by EIC.

Traditionally also,if the immediate line died out ,they look back to their genealogies and would pick someone from the original blood line.

Again the question was asked by Mr.Sanjoy was about the title Mirza.As Narratives,we hear that the Rajputs were the defenders of faith.Mirza Raja Man Singh and Mirza raja Jai singh worked closely with the Mughals.

Rima explained it perfectly.According to her,the title Mirza continued even upto Mor Mukut singh.The ruler families give their daughter to the marraige to the Mughals.Late Rani Laksmi Kumar had done lot of recordings that time and she was a storyteller and she said,"we had established relationship in which Royal house somebody would marry".

Politically to save the kingdom people came to certain terms.

Rima said further that, These temples which still exists because Mirza Raja Man Singh had lot of conversations with Akbar on religion.He refused to become part of Din-i-Illahi or Islam.He will stand what he was doing.

In Turkish Empire large number of people with diversities in religious belief.

Akbar giving title Mirza which was only given to the title of princess having noble blood.

The session also talked about Indira and other highnesses like Gayatri Devi .

On the questions about Incredible lifestyles and ancestral wealth and the time of Emergency.Rima told about a story that ,in 47 about 50 camel loads left Jaigarh in darkness.Nobody knows where they went.

About the story of Emergency she told that, Probably nothing was found other than may be old bricks because there is no place they have been dugged there for ages.Either they have been transported away mysteriously or they use it up.

The conversation ended up with the question about the sources of the book of the John.He told that he met lot of people and went through many of the documents.He liked about their extraordinary hospitalities.

Stay tuned with JLF for such a beautiful conversations.

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