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Waynad-Gregarious bamboo flowering, threat to migration

The Waynad wildlife sanctuary,The beautiful sanctuary in Waynad kerala is the integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve.

As summer arrives,migration of animals starts from the adjacent sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to Waynad.

This migration may be adversely affected by the gregarious bamboo flowering .

According to the report,Out of 344.4 the sanctuary,Bamboo groves grow in more than 500 hectares.They have fully bloomed,and it is said that this phenomenon occur once in life cycle of bamboo plants.It is observed and reported that since 2010 over 25% of the bamboo groves have bloomed in WWS and nearby sanctuaries and is continuing.

The seeds is not of dormant quality and natural regeneration occurs from seed after flowering.The seeds germinate under the favourable conditions soon after the seed fall.

It is necessary to protect the sanctuary from fire and grazing.Fire incidents have been comparitively low for the past 5 years but, combustible materials are accumulated .

It is threat of increasing man-animal conflict due to the destruction of bamboo groves,as farmers living near the sanctuary told.

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