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"All citizens are entitled for free vaccination but people who can afford,visit private hospital"

PANASAM AKSHARA | Delhi HC | Aug 2, 2022

A bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad decided to close proceedings with liberty granted to concerned parties to reapproach the Court in case any problem occurs.The court heard the petition filed by advocate Rakesh Malhotra and some other petitions regarding rise in Covid cases in Delhi.Malhotra's petition sought to increase the testing and achieving quick results.After the situation changed court has monitored the handling structure of the authorities during second wave last year.In the times of Omicron an affidavit filed by Centre has apprised High Court observed recent global surge of Covid cases,detection of Omicron variant categorised as Variant of Concern,Scientific Evidence and inputs by NTAGI as well as STSC of NTAGI it has decided to refine the scientific prioritisation and coverage of Covid vaccination.The affidavit stated that,'Covid vaccination for children aged between 15-18 shall start from 3rd January 2022,Covaxin shall only be the option for them'.Furthermore, As a matter of precaution health care and front line workers who have received 2doses another dose shall be started from 10 January 2022.The sequence of dose shall be 39 weeks from date of administration of 2nd dose.The court stated that all the citizens are entitled for free vaccination but people having ability to pay are encouraged to use private hospitals.The affidavit filed in the ongoing matter related to Covid-19 crisis.In 19 proceedings the court has examined various isuues like shortage of medical oxygen,life saving drugs,hospital beds,black marketing of medicines and oxygen cylinders and infrastructure in hospitals.Delhi High Court decided to close all the proceedings related to Covid situation in the Delhi including vaccination and lack of other things.

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