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Delhi High Court being in a dilemma whether it could force government to formulate a policy.

Panasam Akshara | Delhi HC 

Delhi High Court refused to lift it's stay on AAP Government in regard to decide and formulate policy on implementation of CM Arvind Kejriwal's announcement of paying rent of poor tenants.Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramanian Prasad noted that petitioner had already challenged the stay order before Supreme Court which were dismissed.Tenant's counsel asked for formulation of policy ,High Court wonders if the court can force the government to form a policy or not.They further observes,there are many things that are said in election manifesto,can the court for r them to do so?.Bench further says it's unfortunate for petitioner to file a application in high court to vacate the stay even after filing the same plea in Supreme Court.Apex Court while dismissing the plea remarked that promisory estoppel will not lie on basis of speech,there has to be some policy or notification that has to be issued for the same.Last year,High Court stated that in the backdrop of outbreak of the pandemic,a 'fervent appeal' Was made by CM to public at large but not to coerce the tenants into paying rent.However, it was found to be a set of promise by single judge.Laat year, Justice Prathiba M Singh observing the things stated that against backdrop of a commitment Mane by CM a lack of decision-making was contrary to law.

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