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In Sharia law talaq-e-hasan plays role as a method of divorce:"Women in Delhi High Court challenges

Panasam Akshara | Delhi HC | July 1, 2022

Talaq-e-hasan is a form of triple talaq it is a practice by which Muslim man can divorce his wife by saying the word talaq once every month for three months.Women has challenged talaq-e-hasan which was sent to her, in Delhi High Court . Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma in a order asks response from the husband and Delhi police to women's petition.Women claims notice sent to her as void being in form of unilateral extra judicial talaq and to be unconstitutional, arbitrary, irrational it's contrary to article 14,15,21 and 25 of constitution and provisions of United Nations Conventions of Human Civil Rights.She directs religious groups, bodies and leaders that "permit and propagate such practices not to force to act according to Sharia law and accept talaq-e-hasan ",she also seeks police protection from religious groups in case they might force her to accept talaq-e-hasan. Petitioner claims that she got married in September 2020 and her in-laws compelled her widow mother for grand marriage and also demanded dowry but despite of fulfilling their demands she was tortured and mentally harrassed after she filed a complaint with Delhi Commission for Women and also lodged FIR in December ,the plea said to avoid any action against him and his family so the man preferred the route of talaq-e-hasan and sent first notice expecting his wife to withdraw all the legal actions against him.The plea regarding talaq-e-hasan is also pending in supreme court.

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