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Missing pig from Kalyani Court, has made a sensation,strict investigation shall be conducted

Panasam Akshara | Calcutta HC | July 18, 2022

A pig name Ghana that used to roam around kalyani court,was loved by all suddenly disappears which caused a mental disturbance to many.People that reside near court said that pig was taken by some people forcefully.They also say,that an incident took place during the period of pandemic when the pig went missing ,but returned after a time.Advocates of Kalyani Court were very fond of the pig so they took initiative to lodge a missing diary.It was also their decision to approach the Court.Ghana went missing for four months,and a FIR was registered a section of people alleged that police officers are neglecting the case while another section approached the court.Calcutta High Court directed police to conduct high level enquiry in the concerned matter.The investigation officer shall be investigated and if found guilty the court would take the action.Justice Shampa Sarkar listened the case and directed the SP of Ranaghat to form an investigation team and search for Ghana.

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