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New twist into Zubair's case, Nothing Offensive says his lawyer

Panasam Akshara | Delhi HC

Appearing for Alt news co-founder Mohammad Zubair challenging four days police remand in case related to 2018 tweet,his lawyer argued that there was nothing offensive in the tweet. As four member team from IFSO wing of Delhi Police seized Zubair's laptop from his Bengaluru residence ,his lawyer questions the need of spending public resources on this ,a flight tour.Grover arguing in behalf of Zubair refers "despite of filing the complaint with police for loss of old mobile from where the tweet was posted,his present mobile is seized is it not invading the privacy". Grover questioned as "The question is did a case of this nature warrant a remand?could my mobile/laptop be directed to be seized?This are crucial questions with respect to electronic devices.This has become a pattern to arrest for very small matters".He further argues there's no notice given under 41A to join investigation and there could have been interrogation for 24hrs but the same day of arrest zubair was taken to duty magistrates house at Burari at night.Delhi High Court Solicitor General Tushar Mehta argued that there are provisions under the law to seize devices.Against Zubair there's another FIR in 2020 where no role of him could be caught and a closure report would be filed against Zubair,but in the present case investigation will be ongoing.

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