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Plea dismissed by Delhi High Court seeking postponement of NEET-UG.

Panasam Akshara | Delhi HC | JulY 15, 2022

Delhi High Court dismissed a petition seeking postponement of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test undergraduate examination for the current year,calling it a totally misconceived petition.The court said there is no merit in petition and that is just because they are students,the court would not be harsh if it had been somebody else the court would have dismissed the petition with heavy costs: Justice Sanjeev Narula said.The court also questioned the counsel for approaching court at the eleventh hour.'How can 15 students decide that the exam shall be postponed?such petition shall not be encouraged 'it said during the hearing.Petitioner urged the court to reschedule the test for 4 to 6 weeks on several grounds including flood situations in several parts of the country,but the court dismissed the plea.

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