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Smriti Irani's daughter alleged of running restaurant bar in Goa with fraudulently procured license.


Smriti Irani filed a suit stating that Congress leaders have conspired eachother to launch tirade of false,scathing against her and her daughter with motive of defamation and injuring her reputation, character and public image.The suit stated that,'Despite being fully aware of fact that applicant and her daughter are neither owners of restaurant nor have they applied for license to restaurant,congress leaders made defamatory statements imputing the character of applicant and her daughter going to extent of maliciously peddling lies by stating that applicant's daughter is indulging in corrupt practices and illegal activities under patronage of applicant'.A bench of Justice Mini Pushkarna said,"The applicant made out prima facie and balance of convenience lies in favour of plantiff and against defendants.I deem it proper to pass ad interim injunction directing defendants to delete and remove the allegations made during the press conference from social media platforms-YouTube,Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.They also directed to remove post,videos,tweets of plantiff and her daughter along with allegations and stop recirculation.If defendants fail to comply with directions within 24hours of order,defendants are directed to take down material".Furthermore,'I am of prima facie view that slanderous allegations were made against the plantiff without verifying actual facts.Grave injury has been caused to reputation of plantiff in view of tweets and retweets carried due to press conference of defendants'.Reacting to judgment Jairam Ramesh tweeted,'The Delhi High Court has issued notice asking us to formally reply to the case filed by Irani.We look forward to present the facts before court.We will challenge the spin being put out by Ms.Irani'.Accusing her daughter of running a restaurant in Goa illegally with a license procured fraudulently in the name of deceased,the Congress demanded resignation of Smriti Irani.Addressing the media,Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera had said:'In a Goa a restaurant run by her daughter,it has a is accused of procuring a license fraudulently.The license is in the name of person who died in May 2021 and was procured in June 2022.In name of that person Smriti Irani's daughter took the license'.Calling it a malicious accusation Irani hit back saying that her daughter Zoish was target only because her mother does press conference against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.Delhi HC issued summons over defamaion suit by Union Minister Smriti Irani aginst Congress leader Jairam Ramesh,Pawan Khera and Netta D'Souza and asked to take down tweets and other social media posts about allegations brought against Irani's daughter.

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