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State is under obligation to protect married Couples irrespective of Caste/Community:Delhi HC

Panasam Akshara| Delhi HC | July 25, 2022

The Delhi High Court has heard a petition filed by couple claiming that after getting married against the wishes of families they were living in various hotels and unless they are protected they would not be able to find peace.The Delhi High Court said,No third person including family members can interfere in lives of two consenting adults living together as husband and wife and the state is under Constitutional obligation to protect married couples irrespective of caste or community.Justice Tushar Rao Gedela stated that duty of state and its machinery to ensure that no harm comes to citizens of country and the Constitutional courts are also empowered to pass orders to protect the citizens fearing any harm.The petitioner woman said that her woman was politically well connected person in UP and was capable of influencing the state machinery to their detriment.Shr said that she left hone as her parents and other family members were torturing and harassing her over relationship.Justice Gedela directed Delhi police to respond immediately if any call received from either of the petitioners who were major regarding incidents of emergency or threat.The court in it's recent order said that,'The Constitutional Courts under our framework are empowered to pass orders to protect the citizens especially in cases of nature to which the present dispute pertains.Once two adults consent to live together as husband and wife there can be perceivably no interference in their lives from third parties including their family.Our Constitution ensures it too'.It added,It is not only duty of state but also it's machinery and the agencies which ensure law and order to ensure that no harm comes to citizens of this country.The court also said that the beat police officers shall visit the residence of petitioner couple once in two days for next three weeks to ensure their safety.

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