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The Delhi High Court said,'Please don't mislead the public by saying more than what is official'.


The Delhi High Court questioned Ramdev Baba yoga guru over his statement on US President Joe Biden as he tested Covi-19 positive even after being vaccinated and it was a failure of medical science,saying people should not be misled by stating what is more than official.Justice Anup Jairam Bhambani stated that,'One is,I am concerned about the good name of Ayurveda being destroyed.I am concerned about it.Ayurveda is recognised,ancient system of medicine.Let's not do anything to harm the good name of Ayurveda'.He further added,'The second is,here people are being named.It can have international consequences for our relations,country's relations with foreign countries.Leaders are being named which will affect our good relations with foreign nations'.Justice Bhambani gave remarks during hearing of suit filed by several doctors associations against Ramdev for his statements against allopathy.The court said,'It's one thing to say that I choose not to take vaccine but its another thing to say 'look,forget the vaccine it is useless but take this which formulation I am propagating should be administered to everyone including world leaders".The court added anybody is welcome to choose.It also told Ramdev he was welcome to have his followers,disciples and people who believe in him.It asked whether he would stop making further statements about coronil till pendency of case.Ramdev's counsel refused to make any statements.His counsel made submission that the case was being made Congress v. BJP,the court stated that,'There's no room for politics in courtroom'.Senior advocate Akhil Sibal concluded arguments on behalf of doctors associations against Ramdev for statements against allopathy and claiming coronil as a cure against Covid-19.The court posted the matter to next week.Ramdev and other defendants told court that they are willing to offer requisite clarifications that address the issues raised in suit.However,allopathic doctors have not agreed to draft prepared by Ramdev's side.Doctor's association sought permanent and mandatory injunction against Ramdev's "Sustained and malafide misinformation campaign" during pandemic against allopathy and doctors practising in field.

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