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The level of arrogance she has is that,the magistrates of the country are too small for her.

Panasam Akshara | SC News

"The Whole Nation is Disturbed by her acts" Supreme Court today has come down heavily while hearing BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma petition to club all FIRs over remark on Prophet Mohammed for security purpose.Jistice Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala slammed her for disturbing the whole nation with her statements on national television.It noted conditional apology that too after public uproar against her remarks.Court says,Sharma made statement with her loose tongue without thinking of consequences.As her counsel Senior Advocate Maninder Singh pointed her written apology court opinioned "she should have gone to national television and apologize to nation,how can she say if sentiments hurts". Supreme Court was of view that merely being spokesperson of national party does not give any person license to create such disturbance ,court expressed its reservation on Sharma to directly approach apex court because the petition smacks her arrogance that magistrates of the country are too small for her."when FIP is registered and ahes not arrested it shows her clout,she thinks she has backup power and makes irresponsible statements"court said. Supreme Court observed that channel has no business to discuss matter which is sub judice except to promote an agenda if Sharma was aggrieved by alleges misuse of debate she should have lodged FIP against anchor. Singh argues those statements were made in provocation and submitted serious debates on this issue within the same community and Sharma's remark are not something out of box. Unconvinced Justice Kant remarked the case of journalist on remarking rights on particular issue is on different pedestal from spokesperson who lambasting others with irresponsible statements without thinking of consequences.Court refused her petition and asked to approach high court accordingly the court has granted liberty to withdraw the petition.3FIRs at Mumbai, Hyderabad,Srinagar has been lodged against her and High Court sought state's response in a PIL to initiate criminal action against her.

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