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Great Initiative by Calcutta High Court "New hope to the the sufferers of Saradha Scam"

 Panasam Akshara ,28th june

Calcutta High Court has taken new initiative to return the money of depositors in Saradha Group.The court has directed SEBI,CBI,ED and the state,to immediately disclose the money recovered by selling the properties of Saradha Group and submit the report to one member committee headed by S.P Talukdar.The court also decided to hand over all the unsold properties to the committee.A bench consisting of Justice Indra Prasanna Mukherjee and Justice Subhendu Samanta directed state government and central government to return the money brought by chit fund Company Saradha in a series of cases.

Lawyer Subhashi Chakraborty's plea in Saradha case was CBI has started investigation soon after the order of Supreme Court,but SEBI AND ED has entered the case in a later stage.Even state has recovered some properties earlier in the case.The lawyer also alleged that no company has taken initiative to refund the loss of depositors money from a longtime.Subhashi stated that Rs.140 crore is still held by state government that was earlier recovered from Saradha Group,She also says that SEBI and ED holds 1200-1300 crore and around 1500 crore is to be refunded to the depositors.This time people wish to get back their hard earned money.

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